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Diners Club credit cards for private customers

Diners Club credit cards for private customers

Credit cards with exclusive Club benefits

As a Diners Club member, you benefit from much more than the many advantages of paying without cash. Safety, flexibility, convenience and comfort are as much part of it – anytime, anywhere.
Discover now the many advantages of Diners Club credit cards for private customers and Diners Club membership. Welcome.

Diners Club <strong>British<br />
Airways</strong> Card

Diners Club British

Earn Avios each time you use the Card. Plus: admission to airport lounges and other attractive travel services.

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Diners Club<br />
<strong>Miles & More</strong> Card

Diners Club
Miles & More Card

The credit card for those who love to travel: earn Miles & More award miles each time you use the Card and redeem for exclusive airline and other rewards. 1 award mile for every CHF 1 spent!

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<strong>CLASSIC</strong> CARD


As the inventor of the credit card, Diners Club has demonstrated from the very beginning where the focus of all its services lies: you and your needs.

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Diners Club <strong>Golf</strong> Card

Diners Club Golf Card

The credit card with attractive benefits especially designed for golfers.

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