Corporate Travel Account

Diners Club Corporate Travel Account

We’re in business if travel is part of your business

The Diners Club Corporate Travel Account (CTA) is a central billing account for all travel expenses such as airline tickets, fees, auto rentals, tradeshow and convention costs, hotels and a whole lot more.

Your CTA is administered in the name of your business. The CTA number is registered with your designated travel agent or travel department. Accordingly, you have only one travel account to which all expenditures are posted.

Your CTA is an easy, fast and efficient tool to control all travel expenses. Indeed, instead of a multitude of individual receipts, you now have a single combined monthly statement at your disposal to administer all of your corporate travel expenses in foremost comfort.

The benefits of the Diners Club Corporate Travel Account at a glance

  • Easy-to-read consolidated statement
    Sorted to fit your requirements.
  • Electronic data
    Of course, billing data may be transmitted electronically and captured in downstream systems (such as SAP) for easy processing.
  • Bookings as before
    Book your travel arrangements as usual.
  • International
    Of course, your CTA applies to travel worldwide.
  • Bonus programs
    The billing data of your CTA are the basis for corporate bonus programs offered by airlines.
  • Annual fee
    The annual fee for your CTA is CHF 500.

Comprehensive Insurance Package

  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Travel Accident Advantage