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Diners Club Mobile App

Practical, convenient and always within reach

Helpful services and useful tools while away from home: the Diners Club mobile app is yours to enjoy.

App functions

  • Airport lounge locator
    locates more than 1,000 Diners Club airport lounges worldwide
  • Cash Locator 
    brings you to the closest ATM, at home and abroad
  • Partner offers
    informs you on exclusive Diners Club offers available in the respective country
  • Currency converter
    converts more than 140 currencies at the current rate
  • Favorites
    access your frequently viewed pages faster – even offline
  • Gratuity tips and calculator
    useful advice for a variety of countries
  • Travel note book
    log, review and share your travel experiences
  • Customer service
    shows you how to contact us promptly

Convince yourself and download the app to your smartphone at no cost: